Environment Policy

We are committed to protecting our unique and beautiful environment in the Falkland Islands and wish to see it remain this way for the enjoyment of future generations.

We aim to be as sustainable as possible by doing what we can including:

  • Changing bedding every four days to reduce water and detergent consumption (unless otherwise instructed by our guests).
  • Ethically sourcing products locally where possible to reduce the impact caused by transportation.
  • Using low energy light bulbs throughout the building as well as automatic lighting in the hallways as well as timers for outdoor lights.
  • Products or clothing that are left behind are donated to the Lighthouse Seafarers Mission to be reused by the fishermen and seafarers who use their services. We also take donations of products and clothing if you do not wish to carry them home.
  • During off-season periods and low occupancy, the building (or) and individual rooms have their heating reduced or turned off accordingly.

We politely ask that guests help us by:

  • Turning off lights when going out or going to bed, including in the rooms, showers and dining area.
  • Not throwing away unwanted shower products or clothing and donating them (through us) to our friends at the Lighthouse Seafarers Mission.

    Falkland Islands Countryside Code

    • Always ask permission before entering private land.
    • Keep to paths wherever possible. Leave gates open or shut as you find them.
    • Be aware of the high fire risk throughout the Islands. Be extremely careful when smoking not to start fires. Take cigarette butts away with you.
    • Do not drop litter. Take your rubbish home with you.
    • Do not disfigure rocks or buildings.
    • Do not touch, handle, injure or kill any wild bird or other wild animal.
    • Never feed any wild animals.
    • Always give animals the right of way. Remember not to block the routes of sea birds and seals coming ashore to their colonies.
    • Try to prevent any undue disturbance to wild animals. Stay on the outside of bird and seal colonies.  Remain at least 6 m (20 ft) away.  When taking photographs or filming stay low to the ground. Move slowly and quietly. Do not startle or chase wildlife from resting or breeding areas.
    • Some plants are protected and should not be picked. Wild flowers are there for all to enjoy.
    • Whalebones, skulls, eggs or other such items may not be exported from the Falkland Islands. They should be left where they are found.