Artists and Contributors

We are grateful to the following artists and contributors who have helped us with the décor at The Pale Maiden B&B.
(In no particular order)

Petra Gilding – Petra Gilding Photogaphy
Local photographer who has photographs appearing on this site.

Mandy McLeod – Oh Fudge/Dunvegan Products
Handmade fudge, soaps and jewellery.

Spencer Millsap – Spencer Millsap Photography
Visual storyteller who has several photographs on this site.

Jeremy Poncet
Local landscape designer.

Vicky Chater – Vicky Chater Art
Local artist who painted the door nameplates and several paintings.

Roxanne King – Heart of the Falklands
Local artist who created the papercutting.

Ian Strange – Design In Nature
Local photographer and author.

Georgina Strange – Design In Nature
Wild Falklands Expert Wildlife and Photography Tours.

Woolmore Sheepskins (Hill Cove)
Sourced, tanned and sold only at The Pink Shop Gallery, Stanley, Falkland Islands.

Julie Halliday – Studio 52
Local designer and photographer who created the house number and several photographs inside.

Gail Summers – Falklands 3D Mini Builds
For her models of local buildings on display in the lounge.

Leigh-Anne Wolfaardt
Fine artist and illustrator.

Myra Pitt
Local watercolour artist.

Wendy Reynolds – The Patchwork Goose
Local artist and quilter.

The Pink Shop Gallery
For all the framing.

Una Hurst
Falkland artist working in oils and watercolours.

Lee Ferriby
Wood artist who created various pieces of furniture and decoration.

Kerri Jamieson – Warrah Workshop
For creating our uniforms.

Saul Zuvic
Designer who created the logo.

Larissa Blake
Local artist working with felt crafts.

Sue Hurley
Homemade preserves.

Shirley Goss
Homemade preserves.

Andi Neate – White Grass Ceramics
Ceramicist who created pottery for the B&B.

Natalia Cardozo – My Baker
Providing the catering for our open day and special biscuits.

Nyree Heathman – Estancia Excursions
Local photographer.

Bonnie Greenland
Local artist working with felt crafts.

Diane’s Creations – Port Stephens
Local artist working with felt crafts. Available at The Pink Shop Gallery.

Sylvia Allen – Hairy Daisy Designs
Falklands crafts inspired by nature.

The Pod Gift Shop
Printing of keyrings and signage.

Dick Sawle
For donating his Pale Maiden silk tie for our display.

Phil Middleton – Falkland Collectables
Providing the stamps in our display.

Richard Cockwell
Local watercolour artist.

Tony Smith – Discovery Falklands
For providing some photographs used on this site.

Tony Ellis
Local graphic designer who created our website and business stationary.